ShawnShawn - Web Manager
Shawn loves reading history, eating local food and exploring nature trails. He doesn't have high expectations for the new Star Wars movie but is curious to see what will happen. His style is cool and timeless, like a Jeep Vintage Boot Sock (blue)! As the Web Manager, Shawn likes the challenge of always providing the best online shopping experience for guests.

SteveSteve - Operations Manager
Steve puts his family first, except when playing golf or watching footy on tv! Games of Thrones and Nurse Jackie are unmissable for Steve. Steve's personal style is bright and colorful, yet sophisticated and classy. If he were a Sockbuy sock he might be a Glenmuir Stripe! As the Operations Manager, Steve takes pleasure in seeing the satisfaction our service brings to customers.

Jitendra - Business Manager
Jitendra is all business, all the time. But he will admit to working through the entire Magnum P.I. series on dvd on Sunday afternoons. His style is functional, comfortable and efficient. If he were a Sockbuy sock it would be a Gentle Grip dress sock in solid black. As the Business Manager, Jitendra most enjoys taking care of business.

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